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A Simpler Life Is Not A Backward Life

by Carol

There seems to be a negative connotation or perception around a simple life. It seems to imply a life that’s not wanting, not ambitious, unsuccessful and simply contented with no sense of achievement.

That’s how we have progressed in our modern world.

However, as more and more people are feeling the burnt-out in their lives, and come to realise that they are not living the life they want, it’s beginning to dawn on many people that going back to the basics really isn’t the same as going back into the cave-living days.

In fact, these days, it is far easier to live a complicated life than it is to simplify and minimise. Everyone’s managing a complex way of life, hardly seeing how detrimental the lifestyle is.

Only when one has had enough, and decide to turn life around to live more before it’s too late, will see what lies beyond.

A simple life doesn’t mean you don’t strive to better yourself.

A simple life doesn’t mean you no longer have ambitions or the need to achieve success.

A simple life doesn’t mean you give up a colourful and wondrous life.

A simple life simply means getting rid of complexities in life that are unnecessary in the way you lead your life.

What’s necessary and what’s not, that’s the distinction only you can make. How simple you want to make your life is totally your choice. But be warned that once you simplify a few areas of your life and taste the wonders of them, you will want to start simplifying more of everything else.

And that’s not a bad thing at all. In fact, it could be the beginning of a most wondrous way to live…


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