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Indulge In Things That Give You Joy

by Carol

Do you have time to revel in what you enjoy doing? Or is your lifestyle too hectic that you hardly have time to indulge in them? Do you even remember what are the things you like doing?

It doesn’t matter even if you have fleeting interests in various things. Even if you have enjoyed your time doing something that you found joy in, that would have been time well spent for your soul.

I’m one to admit that I have seasonal likes for several things. It would seem like a newfound interest and I would try to spend time doing it and even investing in equipment for them, only to have the interest die off after some time. But I would never regret having spent time on it.

In those moments that I put my energy and effort in my indulgence, they are precious time that I’ve been present and fully engaged. Even though I may move on to something else, those moments have served me well. They have taken my mind off things that I didn’t want to deal with in that time, or they were moments that allowed me to destress.

So whatever it is that you find joy in doing, just go for it and don’t worry too much about whether or not they will last in your life. Life itself is not a permanent fixture. Just live in the moment, and fill your time with things that you bring you joy.

Life is as simple as that.

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