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A Manifesto For A Simple Life

by Carol

Eat less, move more.

Buy less, make more.

Stress less, laugh more.

Feel blessed, love more.

The less you have to stress your life with, the more calm you live with. The more you’re able to let go of things that don’t serve you, the happier your life becomes. The more you allow yourself to be authentically you, the less you have to fit into moulds of what others want you to be.

Life is a balance of having a little less of this, and a little more of that. You get to decide what you want more or less of. Do more of what makes you feel alive and happy, what makes your heart soar. And less or none at all the things that keep you up at night, stress you out and keep you unhappy.

As simple as it sounds, it takes strong internal work to make a change for a life you truly want. It’s the first initial steps that may prove a little hard. It does get easier as you give yourself time to settle into a new zone.

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