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One Of My Greatest Pleasures – Books

by Carol

One of the things I love most in the world is books. They offer me several kinds of pleasures. I love collecting them, displaying them in my little home library, looking at them neatly and beautifully lined up, browsing at the bookstores, the scent of pages, the feel of the covers and of flipping the pages, and of course, reading them.

I know many book lovers feel the same. Reading them is quite another matter altogether, because let’s face it – reading takes time and many of us don’t quite have enough time to spare most times, right?

But I’ve learned to pushed back many things that I simply couldn’t before going on this path of simple living. Before, I was very much just a book collector, having no time to read everything I’ve amassed on my shelves. Since making a change and conscious effort in freeing myself from things I don’t want to cloud my life, I’ve found time, peace and much joy to indulge in my reading.

I’ve also since had a genre make-over of my book collection. Before, most of my books were all non-fiction and related to self development, for the sake of improving myself for the work I did. But those aren’t books you read for pleasure and fun, they are only meant for serious business. So there wasn’t much joy in reading ¬†those too, when all of them relate to nothing but work. In fact, at some point I didn’t want to touch them anymore.

My shelves are more varied with choices now. Fun books to read according to how I feel. And it’s purely reading for pleasure, not for work. I still read books related to my creative work, but it’s again a different genre that’s more relaxed.

On the topic of books, you can expect many more posts to come to share all about them!

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