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Simplifying During This Stay-At-Home Time

by Carol

Physical Simplification

It’s been eight months of staying home for us, with a break for about two months when we resumed going back to school and eating out. For my kids, all is good because they are quite the home-bodies like me. The only thing they miss is being face-to-face with their friends.

During this time, I’ve got our store room cleared out. Things that we shoved into cabinets and boxes stored in there since the day we moved in got removed and given away. I’ve also packed up clothes that need to go.

Even my bookshelves are being reshuffled. I’ve pulled off many titles from my shelves and they’ve gone to other people’s homes. But I also have many new ones come in to take over those newly emptied spaces! My only saving grace is that I didn’t continue to hoard the old ones. Some of which are read and many others weren’t.

More than just clearing off physical things, I’m also trying to simplify things around the house. Things that need to be done, chores, things like that. And in the midst of simplifying these little processes, it’s quite amazing how much time we get to save and reclaim to live our life instead of slaving over things.

I’m not opposed to technology since we are increasingly dependent on it in our modern lifestyle. All the little conveniences that they offer. So we have adopted a new kind of lifestyle where we order food and groceries online and have them delivered. We bought some electrical household items to do some of the work for us so that we don’t need to spend time on it everyday.

Emotional Simplification

This is also the first time in all our lives that we are spending 24/7 as a family holed up at home. The fact that we see each other so much more day in and day out, there are bound to be times when we get on to each other’s nerves and more times when tension runs high.

In dealing with this, I have also learned to let go more in terms of my tolerance threshold for certain things. What to stress over and what not. Actually, nothing is worth stressing over at home, so I try to flip myself on to the “take it easy” side of things.

Staying at home has given us this chance to take a hold on this and further simplify our way of life. I’m thankful for this time. There are always things to be thankful for, no matter the situation. There are always opportunities to be taken in whatever we get thrown into. If we simplify our thoughts, clear out judgements that cloud our minds, we can always see a clearing in the path.

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