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Simplifying From Within

by Carol

Imagine your loved ones inheriting everything you have accumulated, not just your money and valuable assets, but every material possession you own, too.

This thought made me declutter everything that doesn’t serve me, and think twice about buying more “nice-to-have” things.

I soon found that decluttering and organising things weren’t enough. Venturing into minimalism and simplifying life sparked more joy than just Marie Kondo-ing. So that’s what I did — started to live more simple ways of life.

It’s not just a process of freeing up physical space at home. It frees the mind and changes your life’s perspectives. The willingness to let go of material possessions come from a change of mind and heart. Hence, it’s as much an unseen inner journey that you go through than just a physical one seen in your home.

It creates more space and time in your life to focus on what truly matters, and not be clouded by things that seem important but have no real significance in your life.

In life, only a handful of things are truly meaningful. Not everything and anything that we come across. The same goes for our material possessions. It’s liberating once we realise that we don’t need a whole lot of things to spark joy in our lives. It comes from within, not without.

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