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Stop Living Life On Autopilot

by Carol

I don’t know about you, but for many of us in my part of the world, we have been stuck in a terribly pro-longed lockdown. Work from home, school from home, many of us don’t step out of our homes much at all. It’s been over a year of this lifestyle, with little respite. So much so that for some of us, everyday is looking exactly the same, weekdays have blended into weekends and we seem to be doing the same things day in and day out.

If you also find yourself stuck with the same daily routine, not having much to look forward to, living life but not finding much liveliness, you are probably living your life on autopilot.  

The really devastating part about living life on autopilot, especially when it comes to your relationships, is that you may not even know that it’s happening. You’re just living your life, wishing for more, but not really sure if there is more or how to get it.  While many people live out their entire lives on autopilot, the way to have truly rewarding and successful lives and relationships is to be fully aware and adaptable.  So, how do you do that?

3 Things You Can Do To Stop Life On Autopilot

1. Stop To Admire And Smell The Roses

Start looking at things in a different light, even the smallest things. Think about how you would feel if these little things don’t exist in your life anymore, and maybe you’ll start to have more appreciation towards them, and life in general. 

2. Fire Up Your Goals And Dreams

Are they just wishes or do you still want to make them happen? Or have you forgotten them? Start listing down goals that are important to you which you have not started to pursue and start working on accomplishing some of them. Prioritise the ones that you want most to achieve first.

3. Rekindle Your Relationships

When was the last time you did something to rekindle or renew a relationship that may have been neglected? In our mundane world of doing everyday, we tend to overlook the little things about relationships that bring could bring us more joy and fulfilment. We could be physically there for our family members since we’re all “stuck” at home together, but is the bond growing stronger by spending more quality time with each other instead of just existing side by side?

Snap Out Of Autopilot Mode And Create Your Own Sparkle

The reason we have slipped into autopilot mode in life is because we have  allowed our life to get out of balance. It’s either too stressful, too complicated, too boring, or you have surrendered your life to the routine. And that’s no way to live the rest of our life, when there is much for us to enjoy in a flourishing life.

Take some time off your schedule and really think about it. Your goals, the way you want life to be, the things you love but aren’t doing, your relationships with loved ones. What can you do to spark things up and feel alive and excited to wake up to a new day? List them all down. Don’t censure the ideas that come to you. Simply put them down, and use what you can to make things brighter for all the wonderful tomorrows to come.

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