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Time With Our Pets

by Carol

Some of our joyous moments at home, filled with laughter, are time spent with our pets. Their antics never fail to amuse us, and play time with them are always lively and full of enthusiasm from everyone.

Sometimes we have one on one playtime with a pet, and other times we gather as a group to play. Pets never reject an invitation to play at any time of the day. Even if they seem to be in a lousy mood or being woken from slumber. They’re always gamed.

This makes me reflect on how loyal they are. Always being there for us whenever we can spare the time to be with them. And whenever they sense that we are in need of company or comfort, they would generously offer themselves and their love.

Having pets around is also a wonderful gift for our kids. They learn to love and have compassion for animals. In a world where technology is used in every aspect of our lives, it’s important to let our children grow up having interaction with nature.

Not only do my kids learn to bond with our pets, we also bond as a family when we spend time together focusing on playing with the pets. On so many levels, those quality time we spent together are truly precious, bringing all of us together as a happy, laughing family.

Pets are fun-loving and great companions, if we care to spare the time to be with them. Animals are known to be a good source of comfort for people who go through tough times. They don’t judge, and love their family unconditionally. They live simply, only needing our love and affection.

We truly love spending our time playing or simply watching our pets at home. I feel that our time with them puts us very much in the present moment, letting our worries and stress go when we focus on them and let them amuse us.

It can’t get any simpler than that…

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